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ISSN: 2305- 9346

A Spot Light on IJST

International Journal for Sciences and Technology (IJST) is an international scope journal issued by the International Centre for Advancement of Sciences and Technology (ICAST),  in Amman Capital City of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in a cooperation with Treasure Establishment for Scientific Training and Consultations (TSTC), by which these two parts were engaged together under  a slogan of : THE NEW SCIENTIFIC ALLIANCE. The journal has an Editorial Board composed from an elite group of well- recognized high qualified scientists and experts from different specialties and interests who gave the journal its valuable scientific position.

As it is a refereed scientific journal since 2006, the journal is honored by the advisory group and referees from various countries to put their remarks and faithful opinions for the research papers submitted to the journal through the evaluation process.

IJST is issued periodically (every three months each year)  by which ICAST is publishing the journal in both hard and soft copies. The  journal is  published online at its website.


Aims and Goals to publish IJST

IJST is one of the scientific contributions offered by the International Centre for Advancement of Sciences and Technology to the Arab scientific and technological societies.

The main goal of the IJST is to benefit Arab Scientists and researchers , with a special focus on Iraqi Scientists in order to achieve the highest possible standards of researches and published papers compared with others in the whole developed world.


Scientific Fields involved in IJST

IJST publishes original research papers on all aspects of science and technology including:

Scientific disciplines of Microbiology, biotechnology, cell biology, ecology, entomology, environmental science, forestry, genomics, horticulture, animal science, plant sciences, proteomics, agricultural and food science, biostatistics, biological sciences and bioengineering, water resources, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical technology, medicine, veterinary medicine and nutrition,  to give the opportunity for all Arabic scientists and researchers to join us and publish their new ideas and discoveries in IJST, in a hopefully vision to the future of the Arab Scientific Society in developing and advancement of our civil life styles toward the best as the other parts of the world.


IJST  Indexing and International Impact Factors

 1. ICV (Indexed Copernicus )  Value of  63.75

 2. SJIF (Scientific Journal Impact Factor)  of 3.735 in 2013, and 4.487 in 2014

 3. GIF ( Global Impact Factor)  of 0.81 in 2015

 4. DOI (Digital Object Identifier ) value of 10.000 in 2016


Other International Indexing for IJST

.* Directory of Research Journals indexing (DRJI)/www.drji.org/gournalprofile.aspx?

* Scribd/ www.scribd.com/doc

* International Impact factor Services (IIFS) (under evaluation)  www.impactfactorservice.com

* Searchable.openedhost.com

* www.ppico.co/guide

* Almanhal/www.almanhal.com


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